ABOUT those ATCs - Artist Trading Cards-hooked rugs


I know- I said I didn’t feel hooking was my medium for ATCs  but I thought I should give it a try before saying no . . .so,. . .
 I have been playing around with leftover strips from my #3 cut days  . . .which were not many! . . . . .as I prefer #9 cut hooked rugs!
My little WHALE hook was hand carved for me by Eugene Stanton of Sandy Cove ,Nova Scotia-a one of a kind . . . .
ATCs or . . .artist trading cards are to be the size of baseball cards  2.5 ‘’ X  3.5 ‘’ and if you want to trade -I suggest staying inside that size. . . . I hate rules but this is ok. . . . .I used a cardboard 2.5X3.5''template to check my size as I was working because  the hooking tends to make the card  grow bigger . . .
cards must also be signed on the back . . . . .
this I will do on thin muslin with a sharpie pen.
Put Title:
Contact:  email and your address and
Tele number.

I will glue the edges as I don’t want these little hooked  cards to be any thicker than they already are!
I have posted my little results . . . they are fun to do  . . .just start hooking or draw some guidelines . . .
Will I trade them? Who knows  . . .maybe I’ll glue a pin on the back and wear them all at once! Will I make any more?Not sure  . . . as I still prefer drawing and sewing and making collages and have  lots of them done.
By the way . . . .
you can send pictures and a little write up to Rug Hooking Magazine . . . .

‘’they’d love to hear from you – answer the poll question on rhe home page or send an e-mail to rughook@stackpolebooks.com 
and put "ATC" in the subject line.
watch for more information on ATCs in the June/July/August 2010 issue of Rug Hooking


  1. Judith,
    Thanks for sharing your results with us. Still not sure it's something I want to try or not. I love your first card with the pinks in it. I'd trade you, but that would be hard since I haven't hooked one :)
    I think they would be great as pins or perhaps pinned or sewn onto a tote bag. Would love to see the backs when you finish them.

  2. Hi there Tammy!THANKS for your message . . .yes I will post the finished cards from the backs when done !

  3. How very interesting. I used to trade ATC's on a website for about a year and a half. I have many, BUT have never seen a hooked one.I work in a wool store and have hooked many a rug. This is interesting.

  4. Judith these are great way to use up #3 cuts. i like the colourful cards.


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