FOLK ART Horse treasure

     Years ago I made the best find outside ' FRENCHIES '
It was a wooden horse made with care then covered with bottle caps
I asked how much it was as it sat there in the grass at an antique barn in the country on a road between Ayers Cliff and Massiwippi Quebec . . . .
'' Oh -that piece of JUNK ? $10 bucks ''   the man said . . 
I would have paid anything!  It was a find  . . . .he even delivered it for the  same $10 . . .It has sat in my hall ever since . . . .a great horse to have now that I have parted with all my real live horses . . . that passion went for  the rug hooking . . . .well not really  . . .it was more because I had a tremendous fall, at full gallop, when the horse tripped over a root in the forrest and as I lay there thinking I had gone kaput . . . . . I vowed  to never ride again . . .

so I took up TANGO dancing in Paris . . .then I found my way to rug hooking . . . .
and  the  passion for folk art is still there! 


  1. Oh Judith!
    I think that Horse is a most fabulous piece! Have you ever had it appraised? I know the monetary value doesn't mean much when we Folk Art Lovers put a heart and soul value on something like this! I'm totally in Love with it! Cathy G

  2. I agree with Cathy. What a find! So it.

  3. OMG he is wonderful. I wonder how many bottle caps it took to cover him.

  4. That, my dear, is one FABULOUS horse!!! What a deal and a steal!! That was your lucky day!!!

  5. Absolutely THE most wonderful folk art piece! And how you found it makes for a wonderfully charming story as well. I am mesmerized by all the bottle caps and how they give such a magical mosaic look to the whole piece. Is the tail real horsehair?

  6. Your horse is absolutely incredible! And just $ it, Love It, LOVE IT!!!

  7. This is the best kind of horse to have, it doesn't kick or buck, or run away, or use up all your money in vet bills...hahaha.

  8. Thank you all for your great COMMENTS!I am not sure yet how to reply to you individually?!!Will find out!


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