MORE -WOOD STOVES and Nova Scotia Hooked Rug

EGGS for breakfast anyone?
Here is the beautiful stove in a dear friends kitchen in Nova Scotia
with a mat in front of it of course!

The beach nearby has the most incredible rocks -all shapes but
. . .  especially  many egg shaped  . . .thus the carton of grey eggs . . .. . .
 and under the stove floor protection!

The rug is wonderful in its simple style. . .it says it all . . .
.and WELCOME!. . .to the visitor . . . .
the stove is  placed by the back door and  in Nova Scotia , a true friend, ALWAYS comes in by the BACK DOOR !

 .I keep trying to create this kind of simplicity in my own rugs. . . .its not easy but Ill keep trying . . .


  1. I used to have a wonderful old stove like that in our old farm-house we used as a summer home at the beach (NS). I miss it. And you are right about the back door. The only time anyone comes to my front door is if they are collecting donations for something!

  2. So true, most people know to come in my back door. Not that I won't open the front door as needed.


  3. That is awesome, the stove,the rug, the rocks.
    I has got to take special talent to cook on a wood stove. My dad talks about his grandmother doing it with 12 kids. I bet the food is fabulous.

  4. Kim and Corrie are you in Nova Scotia somewher? If so where?
    Yes KAtie I did cook on mine for a while then I had twins and bought aaan overn and a top -they are hidden from view though!
    Thanks for your comments-its nice to get feed back!

  5. Yes--I too had a cook stove--it was a real challenge to get the fire going to a nice cooking temp. ---of course when the kids, 3 daughters were little!!! Now we have a huge 10 burner gas Garlend, came out of the Federated Church kitchen. It's a wonderful, funky old thing and we are very fond of cooking on and in it.

  6. Hey Judith,
    Corinne and I are both in Amherst. Where are your NS roots?

  7. MY father was born in Springhill and grew up in AMHERST 54 Rupert street!- I have a wonderful friend and student from Amherst . . .maybe you know her? Connie Barnes (Rose married name) lives here and her parents are in Amherst still @ 7 Rupert street!
    I grew up in the summers on Digby Neck in Sandy Cove where my ancestors cameover 200 years ago from Conn. ! and landed on the rocks on the neck
    !Hope you get this message!Im a bit late replying sorry . . .its been hectic here!


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