My latest HOOKED RUG

I have started a new rug for my grand-daughter Justines birthday in MAY . . She loves BEARS and COOKIES so thats the theme using her real bears as models and a few sketches and photos and a love of the old antique 3 Bears rugs -here is the start of my rug .in a #9 cut on LINEN . . . . . .  updates to be continued as I add  BEARS etc. . . .. . .I have thoughts of light textured beiges for background  . . . . . . . . . . . . I have drawn some direction of hooking lines-echo style to give an idea . . . how I will hook the background . . . .progress reports to come as I get it done . . . .
hopefully in time for her 2nd BIRTHDAY!!! 


  1. Your granddaughter is going to love her teddy bear rug. Wonderful colors. Great idea.

  2. Thanks Katie!It is going to get better and better as I hook the other bears-and thew border of COOKIES!I will post as it progresses!!Quickly I hope as Ive only 3 moonths left now!

  3. Cute ~ very cute!!! Love the 9 cut ~ it does make things go faster!!!

  4. Adorable! Justine will love this rug!
    Can't wait to see how it develops.

  5. Love the colors! I am really liking the 9 cut too! It makes the rug so soft and plushy. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Cathy G


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