ROCKBOUND-a rug not the BOOK

Another wonderful rug from MAINE and  from the Shelburne  NOV 2009 rug show hooked and designed by Lanci Valentine of Duxbury Mass.
This rug also, is a terrific example of a floor rug-the design works from all 4 sides , and it lies well on the floor.
I think I am fascinated by rugs that rock as I am designing  one myself but it is going to be with shells and water  (ocean waves).  .
Therefore, I am sketching and looking, looking ,everywhere for inspiration . . . that is anything to do with my own subject-. . . . later for the shells. . . . .. .
I am fascinated with these beautiful rocks on the border combined with  simple primitive style trees,water and sky . . . .I can almost feel I am on Deer Isle  looking up at the sky . . . . I really like this rug!
I wonder what colour the floor is that it rests upon?


  1. What a lovely rug! I'm so glad you posted it -- I don't remember seeing it last Fall. I guess that's the problem with so many rugs together in the same place -- you can't possibly take them all in. Thanks! ;-)

  2. yes Jen it is strange but we all notice different rugs . . . .it is always good to look at what others took pictures of at a show!!I always see rugs I had not noticed!
    !I am so glad I started this blog thing!I can share the rugs I love . . . .thanks for your message . . .this rug is a beauty for sure!!Its subtle . . . .you have to look and look at it and it draws you in!!


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