Schooner hooked rug in Nova Scotia with STONE Fireplace

Here is my rug ' There are Worse STORMS at SEA' hoping that the background shows up here in the photo . . The saying is a quote from the mother of my dear friend Mary Bull of Toronto Ontario who spent summers on Digby Neck in my village and I have always loved it . . . .
the rug  is hooked in #9 on MONKS cloth(cotton).It was the first time I hooked on monks cloth with such a wide cut and I didn't like the look of the loops at all compared to Linen  . . .
but at least it is hooked and finished (2009)and sits in front of my fireplace in Nova Scotia home.

Now . . . . .the fireplace-is made of hand picked ROCKs from the shore nearby and is a work of art by itself!


  1. Falling in love again...that's it I am doing another "Storms at Sea". The fireplace is beautiful, too.


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