BABY BEAR with a BOWL of COOKIES!!!!!!

I am now finished hooking the 3 BEARS! and will go on to the  writing and words around the bears . . . .
and here is my darling Justine . . . . . . . .sitting on her soon to be birthday rug!
This baby bear is her with her special green sweater and a scarf blowing in the wind.
She is wearing the overalls I knit in all kinds of bright colours on order at my shop. . . .Poo Poo pants they are called by the children who own them!


  1. What a lucky little girl! She will treasure this rug for a lifetime.
    I just realized I didn't respond to an old message. Yes, I do know the Barnes' on Rupert. I don't know Connie but have known Bob and Shirley for years. Bob and I are both Rotarians.

  2. What a wonderful gift, I have seen several different 3 Bears done, it is such a sweet classic print.


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