PIZZA-This rug hookers TALE

OK I finally got  blogger to post the PHOTO for this days post about my attempts to make  . . . . pizza  this weekend.
My dear husband François,said he would buy the tomato sauce as he was going shopping . . .
oh please  said I ,''get me a small  can of Tomato SAUCE for my pizza'' . . .
I was slightly shocked when he arrived home with a 3 Litre can of sauce! He had gone to a local restaurant supply store and that was their small can he said!!. . .. . .so into the freezer the rest went in zip-lock-bags .  . .
DANCE SKATING tonight at the Olympics. . . .my favourite!


  1. That's funny. I let my byfriend and his 2 children grocery shop with me one day, they were only concerned with the candy, Good Job they don't buy the groceries.


  2. Oh Judith,
    That is so funny! I used to freeze sauces in containers until I saw someone who froze them in ziploc bags lying flat on a cookie sheet....then she stood them all up neatly in a row....why didn't I think of that before?! Saves so much space!
    Getting excited about the ice dancing tonight!


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