Not as dramatic as the Shabori style of dyeing I posted yesterday . . . .but  much faster results .  . . .
I used a few safety pins (3-4) and twisted and  rubber banded it all  much like tie  dyeing method. . .
 large pot ,not  much water and not much stirring   . . .
just threw in the colour and had fun . . . .I found I had to re tie and  redye several times to get all the white areas dyed . . .. Ill keep trying  this idea . . .maybe add spot dyeing techniques next time?
Sorry I didnt keep any formulas so cant  write them up here today . . ..
BAck to Hooking tonight  for the Olympics OPENING !


  1. It was so wonderful to see the pieces in real life. And to see Justine's Three Bear Rug! I look forward to the next post about it.

    I loved visiting you and your studio. Thank you for the wonderfully warm welcome and the non-stop inspiration. And thank you for this blog which has become part of the daily lives of so many hookers. We hope you keep posting!


  2. Thank you Xine!
    It was just as wonderful for me to have you come and visit!
    Thanks for your message !
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a safe journey home!


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