I have always loved Teapots ,Geometrics , big BORDERS on a RUG,and wide #9 and #10 cuts !
Here are my Teapots . . .
This rug goes on an Olive-LIME GREEN floor in the summertime . . . 
My online friend ,Wendy of Atlanta Georgia -  Hooked the Teapot rug in a completely different Colour Range of emotions !It is fun to see ones own pattern hooked in different ways . . .I remember hooking each and every loop of my rug and making the colour choices . . . and here it is so very different value wise!

Take a look at<ahref="http://www.gohookit.com/gohookit.com/SUPPLIES/Pages/Rug_Hooking_Patterns.html">My TEAPOT RUG PATTERN </a> sold on <a href="http://www.gohookit.com">My website</a>


  1. I always love seeing how each hooker interprets a rug. My husband drew the rug I'm working on now and just last night he said, "it's interesting to see how you interpret what I drew".


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