I hooked this rug on MONKS cloth with #9 cut . . . .I was not happy with the control the monks cloth took over the shaping of my loops . . .so from now on I stick to Michele Micarellis  -Natural LINEN . .so soft and wonderful to hook on.
I just want to show you how a DARK BACKGROUND can be many many colours-Jules Marie Smith -thanks for loving it!. . . . Perhaps you can get a closer look here!I have started to use Photoshop to bring out the colours more . . .More to come . . . . .


  1. Beautiful colors. I agree about the Monk's cloth - I find it so stretchy and difficult to work with.

  2. What a nice piece of art, tks for sharing. I have used Monk's Cloth once and only once not fun stuff.

  3. I have been using Michelle's linen since I begain hooking 5 years ago. I made the mistake of buying monks cloth and some other linen ~ I will NOT use either of them again and they sit in the closet. Michelle's is wonderful ~ and wonderfully priced!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. your background is gorgeous! the rest of it looks great too :)


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