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An example of Norwegian rosemaling on a tin
Rosemaling (Norwegian rose painting) is the name of a form of decorative flower painting that originated in the low-land areas of eastern Norway around 1750, when BaroqueRengenyand Rococo, artistic styles of the upper class, were introduced into Norway's rural culture. Rosemaling designs use C and S strokes and feature scroll and flowing lines, floral designs, and subtle colors.

For Claude KAVANAGH as promised!
Thanks for a grand visit the other day !It is such fun to meet other online friends in person!

Although it looks more Blue-this is a real sea-GREEN colour Claire Molson used for her Background

¼ + 1/8 teas 490
1/8 +1/64 teas 119
1/32+ 1/643  672 BLACK
+ 1 cbw

SPOT over 1 /2 yard  Natural
then glove dye with fingers-you will get areas that are light and dark . . .this is a beautiful green/blue although my photograph doesnt show it . . .I must figure out how to take better pictures of rugs -so far I am unable to adjust the camera properly!It all requires what I laack most of=T I M E !!!!


  1. What is glove dyeing? That's a new one for me!

  2. Xine-

    Glove DYEING = means you SPOT the formula in OXO style or form . ..onto the wool . . .
    then. . .
    you put on rubber gloves and squish the dye water around with the gloves on . . .
    making sure you cover all the white areas of the wool . . . . . .you could use a potato masher but I prefer rubber gloves . .it gets the job done faster . ..


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