RUG HOOKERS in or from JAPAN !


Today I am sendiing a post for all our rug hooking friends in Japan!
Above you will find the web site address for my dear friend ,Mayumi Takahashi a talented rug hooker living here in Montreal but originally from Japan . . . 
I love this little  heart pillow that   Mayumi  is making . . .the background is so incorporated with the design and the lettering- a beautiful part also -works well with her background motifs.Her colour choices are magnificent!!Perhaps because we are not  able to read the Japanese words we see them purely as design . . .or shapes. . . .
HELP !PLEASE! If anyone reading this post knows  . . .
where Tamami Nishioka is in JAPAN- PLEASE tell her to contact me .  on my web site
She moved back a year ago I think to OSAKA with cutter,linen,wool,hook and an incredible desire to continue hooking!I would love to find her again!


  1. HI I have been enjoying your log for some time now and just wanted to let you know.I feel a special connetion with you as I was born and brought up in Quebec still have family there.I also have a very old rug that I acquired from a lady here which I think is a Georges Tremblay design but I do not seem to be able to find anything about him on the internet but do have some articles about him and his rugs . I will try to send you a pic of it Helen T


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