Beautiful ROBIN !for April FIRST!
Here is ANNs first rug almost finished!  BRAVO !  I love it ! especially the earth with red yellow  and whatever . . . . worming along . . . .
We all love it here in Montreal!
Ann started this mat in a class with teacher rug hooker  Mary Ann Wise in Minneapolis MN USA
 . . .she is almost done-just has to learn how to whip it now ,and what colour?
Dark or Light
Fold it frontwards or backwards  . . .or maybe the old fashioned way?  . . .
just binding tape ?
J'espere tu peux voir cette tapis ma belle Françoise a Ile d'ORLÉANS!!!


  1. What a great 1st rug....or any rug for that matter! Love the cheery red against the antique looking background! It makes me smile!

  2. YAY Ann! way to go! and thanks to Judith for taking Ann to the 'next level'. Good job! Sending love and good wishes from Stockholm, WI. (Not Minneapolis, MN- but hey, close enough).
    Mary Anne Wise

  3. THANKS for messages Alice,Tammy and A BIG HELLO Mary Anne !!Isn't Anns rug wonderful!!She is about to learn how to finish the edge and then onto the floor it will go!Beautiful pattern MAry Anne a great first rug! INDEED!!!!!

  4. with Ann's extraordinary sense of colour and verve for life, this rug couldn't be any other way than a hot explosion! Kim Galvez

  5. Thanks for your comment Kim -I will tell her -yes she has an extraordinary sense of EVERYTHING!! Wait until you see her stair Risers!
    The last one of 12 to be completed any moment !


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