This is a traditional  quilt pattern which has many names . . from Cirles to Broken Dishes to Wedding Ring . . pattern . . . .
For me , 
SIMPLE  is always best . . although I enjoying seeing other folks interpretations . . .
I love the wonderful carefree  colours dancing around the PRIMITIVE RUG.
The idea was in the olden days if you needed a pattern just go to the kitchen and get a bowl . draw around it repeating these circles side by side and  then,
HOOK it up and put it on the floor  to stay warm . . . .
I think the wedding ring choice of pattern, to the right,
was hooked by Sandra Brown of the USA . . .she is known for her incredible hooked  rugs . . 
The top rug was hooked by our own  Connie Rose, of Montreal and Amhurst  Nova Scotia . . .
Hope you see it here Deanne!!!
Several of us here in Montreal, hooked this pattern as a kind of fun thing to do to see all the different ways we could mix our left overs . . . .
We are getting them out and together for the upcoming exhibition  of hooked  rugs in Montreal at the end of April . . .information at top right of my blog . . . .


  1. That's the best thing about patterns like that....they can be at home in a primitive home or a modern home....the kind of rug that never goes out of style.

  2. Love those colors in the wedding circle rug! I agree those rugs are classic! They are fun and take some skill to execute but oh so worth it! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful rugs you have been lately! Cathy G


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