Sitting here in the DARK feeling the HEAD THUMP

I think that video on creativity by Tim gave me a migraine . . . .just kidding . . .
I thought it was  very interesting if one could sit through to the end . . . .
Spent the morning with my grandson at a ''THOMAS the TRAIN ''  Festival  . . .maybe that did me in? . . .
sorry I am not into this today as I have been sitting the rest of the day . . . .in the DARK with a HOOKED RUG  over my head!
Hope the RAIN that  really did cause it  . . .goes away soon . . . . .meanwhile Ill just smell these beautiful lily of the valley from my garden . . .


  1. I can relate. I am into day 2 of one. No fun!

  2. I can almost smell the Lily of the Valley! Could never grow them here (Sonoran Desert) but grew up with them in MI & OH.

    Feel better soon.

  3. Thanks for posting the link to the video....what a great way to start off my morning. I hope your migraine is gone now....hopefully it's just the weather....but sometimes if I get excited about something that will trigger it for me. Your flowers are lovely!


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