A  friend is trying to design a new rug with SCROLLS in it . . .I have therefore  been going through my old patterns and books  and really LOOKING at old rugs with SCROLLS  .  . .
I still love these simple scrolls done here in my first rug started  at rug school in Nova Scotia with Kaye Magwood in the 'Heritage' class . . . .
all I remember was I did not know about SCORING the  pattern on the backing  FIRST . . .. and because of the straight lines in the background I therefore had a real problem and had to  start all over and redraw everything  on the other side . . .thus  . . . I bore my students to death with the importance of scoring (putting the pattern on the straight of grain)before hooking!
These  colours were also my first attempt at dyeing . . . .took me weeks to figure out  how to get  the colours I wanted . . .ended up over dyeing tons of grey flannels as I remember to get soft colours . . .