when I hear this word I see ''BREAK THEM- and - 
GO FOR IT'' . . .

The other day I was with my 3 1/2 year old grandson and he was colouring a car in a colouring book . . ..the sky was empty and the highway was empty-
not one line or colour or blob on the page . . .but the car  was  coloured in a fairly nice abstract way . . .  now being a ''background  is fun ''' kind of rug hooking grandmother . . ..
 I said to him
''Whats in the sky? Why dont we fill it with majic?''
To my UTTER HORROR . . .he replies''
''Oh no Nana, THEY SAY I have to colour in the lines ''. . . 
Who are 'THEY'' I ask him . . .'Oh I dont know . . .BUT. ..
'' THEY''say I cant''
 I went immediately out to find a colouring book that will allow him to break those rules . .and just up the street I found one to help guide him away from the 'THEYS' of this world . . . .although of course 2 Xs as expensive, it was worth every penny!
Ill let you all know how I make out . . . .yesterday we were lying on the green grass after the train festival
 (and before the migraine hit!!!)
looking up at the clouds and could really see the majic . . .now we'll see what ''THEY' whoever they are, have to say!!!!. . .
when we colour this page in . . .

Here is a fun page for ''US''


  1. Wishing I "woulda hada" grandma like you when I was growing up!! Can't wait to see what coloring outside the rules will bring to a precious young mind! hope you're feeling better as I know how those migraines tend to zap you! hugs Cathy G

  2. Thanks Cathy . . .I am on a real crusade to make sure he KNOWS he can learn to USE HIS IMAGINATION to solve any problem!!. . .
    yes the sun came out and I am over the migraine now!
    Thanks for your message -big hugs to you also!

  3. At KidLink in Monkland, they sell a series called "Doodles" and "Scribbles" - They are what I gave to my Emily. I will try to bring one to class this week so you can see it, as we all know how much I love the rules.


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