BIRTHDAY DRESS FINISHED                          .
Another passion I have is smocking . . .here is a little summer dress done for my Justine . . . technique not perfect but who cares!
Its the colours and the designs I love to do . . . just as in  rug hooking . . . . 


  1. Judith,

    This is absolutely precious! And it takes me back to my childhood when my mother made dresses like this for me and my two sisters. She taught me when I was small and I smocked a few doll's dresses. You may have inspired me to do a nightie, since I don't seem to like any of the ones I see. Thanks for sharing.


  2. How fun! I do smocking too. I used to teach at a heirlom sewing shop and when my students would lament over not so perfect work, "You can't see on a galloping horse". I think your dress is absolutely adorable and will make some little girl very happy.

  3. I love this little dress. She will look adorable. Take some photos please and post them with her wearing this beautiful present.

  4. Looks perfect to me!!!!!
    I love to smock too...
    Haven't done it in a while though.
    You've inspired me!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. THank you all for your comments!Yes I will post a picture soon!I am glad I've inspired you to start again Kathy! . . .and Wendy if you need a pattern for the nightie -I have one I can share with you! I never got around to making one yet -maybe you've inspired me! Sharlene-I love the quote!
    I will remember that! . . and . . .the some little girl is my grandaughter ,Justine who turns 2 on friday!

  6. Sweet little dress and it looks good from here!!! It looks like a lot of work!!!


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