Hooked by myself . . to honour the COD FISH . . .this large rug sits on a deep lime olive green floor in my kitchen . . .. .I love the old quilting motif of the rainbow lines drawn with a string and a pencil at other end . . . 
so used it in border here . . .. a RED COD fish? why not? . . .. .  remember Homers red sea?poem

The Wine Dark Sea

Homer had a gift for adjectival description, and here he evokes an image that ... Perhaps the intoxicating wine red sea is telling us that our work is done . . . . .

Fishing here has picked up a bit . . .the weir was full last night at low tide   .a good sign . . .. . .. but Mr FISH who used to come to the door no longer comes . . .  so. . .its off to the fish market  today . . . . . .


  1. I absolutely love your design and colors. From Massachusetts, the state of the Sacred Cod, I send best wishes

  2. Judith this rug is wonderful! When I grow up I wanna design and hook like you!
    All the Best!
    Cathy G


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