COVE in Nova Scotia HOOKED MAT

MAUD LEWIS- a painting of SANDY COVE ,

pattern to hook available at Highland Heart Hookery . . .

This is the view out the cove from church on Sundays.I have added the CAmp ARCADIE on th top right as thats where I went to camp with my cousins in summer for a week to ride horses . . .and friends live there now in what was the cabins for campers . . .There is still the MAIN  huge lodge and some summers I give rug hooking workshops there . . .
I hooked this scene from a painting of Maud Lewis that had OXEN in it (yes I bought the pattern)I remember  as a child .  .every team of oxen in the cove were called ''STAR'' and the other one ''BRIGHT'' . . with a slight variation on these names roaming around the whole of Nova Scotia . . .
All the houses here pictured are homes to RUG HOOKERS now!My little mat is hooked more in a painterly way then MAuds simple painting . . .but I had spotted wool and many colours to use . . . .MAud used plain old house paint . . .right out of the cans . .. no mixing of colour at all . .. I usually design my own rugs but I must say that I learnt a great deal regarding colour by doing one of her paintings as a rug . .. it was great fun  . . . .this little mat is living in London, England at the moment . . . ..


  1. I'm so glad that I visited your blog. I visited web sites about Maud Lewis and learned a lot about the N.S., Canadian artist. I had never heard of her before. Thanks for sharing this information with us. One of the image site for Maud Lewis was an attack site and my computer warned me so I closed that page but there were lots of good information out there. Your replica rug from Maud Lewis' painting is gorgeous. JB

  2. I have just been catching up on blogs so there were several posts of yours that I'd missed ~ I do love these Maud Lewis paintings and your rug renditions! Both very pleasing to the eye!

  3. HI Judith
    I always feel so humbled and quite emotional when I see a photo of Maud Lewis and see what she achieved despite her physical challenge..You were very privileged to have met her when you were young..makes me JUST GO HOOK IT!!!

  4. I loved seeing this. Im in England and Im going to give a Maude Lewis Rug I hooked from Highland Heart Hookery, to be auctioned for charity at a gathering here. Not sure which country it will end up in but nice to spread the art of both Maude Lewis and Rug hooking.

  5. Hi Emily -thanks for your message!I did a commission of this piece and it is owned by someone in LONDON-UK!
    Thanks also Lin of UK for your message!

  6. Thanks for the image based on the Maud Lewis painting with the addition of Camp Arcadie cabins in the background. I attended Camp Arcadie & also have 5 of Maud's original paintings.
    My mother Collected several in the early 60's.


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