HOOKED by Pat Cameron from windsor Ontario, just finished last week at our hook in here in the cove.Pattern available at Rittermere Hurst Fileld online .. . .Love the fall colours . .. Its my photo thats crooked  . . .they are not the Little Crooked HOUSE from said story!


  1. I agree, the fall colors are fabulous

  2. I am of the same mind. The colors are so charming. Im getting excited to see some of the designs online. Keep posting..


  3. Hello, my name is Janet Karcz and I live in Windsor Ontario. I bought a rug that was originally hand hook in Morocco. I was told that I could machine wash it as it had been done so before. Unfortunately the rug is coming unraveled at one and I need to either
    have it repaired or repair it myself. I am sending you the photo of the rug and perhaps you can advise me as to my best course of action! Thank you so much, Janet Karcz


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