Here again is a little hooked mat for the calendar series hooked up for last years Green Mountain GUILD  Shelburne rug show  . . .organized by Burma Cassidy.

This one  @ 14'' X 14'' was hooked by myself.
Our theme,for our group in Montreal ,was 
''LAUNDRY LINES'' . . and my mat shows a barge on the Seine in Paris with the little cars speeding along the edge . . .

When my children were 12 ,we were living in Paris, and my son was fascinated with 3 things . . .
#1 the Eiffel Tower and
 #2 the Laundry lines  on the barges as they sped down the river . . and we ourselves were in . .
#3 a little Deux Chevaux in the traffic along the river . . .
so I hooked this up for him and gave it to my grandson who also now is fascinated by the Eiffel Tower . . . .and Babar . . .


  1. love the rug and love the story to go with it.


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