TODAY is a wonderful grandmother day and I am spending it at a 4th BIRTHDAY for my darling Raphaël who keeps telling his sister Justine that she is ONLY 2!


  1. Wow, that picture would make a great rug pattern. Happy Birthday Raphael. JB

  2. Four already? Does not seem possible. How lucky you are Judith to have such beautiful grandchildren. And they to have such a delightfully creative grand mama. Congratulations to all of you---

  3. What could be better than running with your big brother or little sister, without a care in the world.

    Thanks for sharing your darling "grans" so we could all go back to that special time.

  4. Yes my dear Burma 4 ALREADY!!!Enjoy every moment it goes so fast!
    and YES I am so LUCKY!
    THANK YOU for your messages!and you are right Wendy. . . . .thats what I love about that photo . . .not a care in the world!!
    What a great time !! and the FOG also is so magical. . . .
    Julia . . .I could never capture that in a rug . . I will just have to look at the photo often!


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