HERE I AM  in a SNOW STORM with 2 SICK little grandchildren
My mother and grandmother used to give me broth in this old RED CROSS CUP as a special  treat when I was sick  . . .so out it came yesterday along with the cream of wheat . . .
now I  still need it myself again after being all day (2 days) in the house  with a 4 year old and a 2 year old . . .well  . . .I am letting the little ones try it also . . .
This cup was used in the second world war and maybe the first?in the hospitals in the trenches . . .it is treasured  here  .  .we have sadly . . . not progressed much at finding PEACE . . .


  1. That little cup/pot is a treasure, with alot of history behind it. My grandmother always made me cream of wheat when I was sick too. And flat ginger ale!

  2. Good grief Judith---don't get sick too! My remedy has also included chicken soup, books, hot baths, and sleep---
    the little pot is a true delight---you amaze me how you continue to pull out of the Judith's Magic Hat precious treasures.


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