There must be a better way to store  these spools . . .but for now I confess I have just thrown them together in this little  zippered bag . . .and put in my wool basket joining my ''SOME DAY'' projects to sort and organize.
I mention the  cotton and linen thread  as it is what I like to use . . PLEASE  know that there are many other rug hookers out there in ''Hooking'' land that have other preferences and thats fine but here  I am writing  what my choices are and how I enjoy the finishing part of a rug! .  .
After having repaired old rugs for many years I have become fussy . . I do not like to use polyester threads . . .
After my first quilt  -king size-sewn with polyester thread  . . .melted on ironing the finished quilt-every last stitched seam!!!(apparently I was not supposed to iron it  which seemed a ridiculous reason to me) . . . . . Poly threads  cut into the fibre also . . .I would never sew on a binding by machine!!!Eventually the edge will just fall off . . . .as I have witnessed in many old rugs finished this way . . . .
 THEREFORE . . . .
its  always 100% cotton  for me for quilts  and rugs  now!
I find that any thread with a name you can't pronounce is probably a good one! I use  Gutterman or Mettler silk Egyptian cotton . . .
LOOK  carefully at the COLOUR of the spool !!
READ the words . . all spools of thread have  information on them . . .. the  thickness . . .
#40 for machine sewing  . . .
#50 is probably best for  sewing on your binding . . .
Upholstery thread #50 on right in photo is shiny . . .its polyester . . .and it feels terrible  in the fingers . . .a good reason to HATE finishing if you use the poly threads!!
Gutterman HAND Quilting 100% cotton  thread is thicker and does well as a thread for sewing on the binding.
I could go on and on about thread but thats enough !
 . . .well . . .for today at least!


  1. Judith, thanks for all the useful information about threads. Apparently, I've been using the right thread without knowing it. My daughter, Jackie is a master weaver and every thing she uses is natural fibers. I do not buy polyester threads anymore although I still have plenty of it in my thread box. JB

  2. Hi Judith,
    This may be a dumb question.....Do you ever sew wutg the linen threads that come off the linen backing? I've pulled these to test how strong, and it seems to not snap. Of course it's very thick too. thanks for all the info re: threads---I'm afraid I have used carpet thread thinking that was the best. I will have to sort out my threads that lie neatly in a shallow drawer. Burma

  3. No Burma I have never used the linen pulled from the backing linen . . .remember if it works for you that is OK!!!I am NOT a RULE PERSON!!I am only here on MY blog sharing what works best for me . . .. and what I have learned over the years in quilting and rug hooking . . . .I would think that the linen from the backing would be far to thick to make a neat stitch that you want when picking up the binding . . . .but I may be wrong!Linen is a strong fibre and it gets 60% stronger when WET! Thanks for your comments !
    and Julia- dont throw out the poly thread in your stash -I do use it to sew clothing . . . .well . . . only if I have the colour I really need!!!


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