Dorothy Grebenak

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 Her hooked rugs differed from contemporary craft artists' fiber art in 
two significant ways: ---
 -   first, their Pop imagery made them more fine than folk art

-   second, they were intended not for use on the floor, 
 to be hung on the wall as a painting would be.

WHY ? cant art go on the FLOOR? I ask . . . . .does it really make it less ''art'' to walk on it?!!!!!
I am a real believer that all our BEST must be worn and used and walked on everyday . . . . .
I would Love to have a BUGATTI to drive in everyday also!


  1. Judith,
    I loved your comment about "why can't art be on the floor..." We had this discussion at my crafting/rug hooking group that meets on Monday evenings. Some of the women that we're trying to get interested in rug hooking said they didn't know where they'd put all their rugs because they wouldn't want people to walk on them! :)


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