This little mat was hooked by a friend . . .it is a Deanne Fitzpatrick design and a fun little mat to hook up for ones first rug!
Simple, primitive and brings a smile . .. 

now onward to the rest of the week!and . . .
a hook in on saturday for all you Montreal folks reading here :EVERYONE WELCOME! Bring your lunch . . . .

Hi everyone,
Don't forget our hookin this coming Saturday, February 12th.  

Room 108

Square Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier, Montréal, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal, Québec H4C 3A1
corner of Saint Ambroise
Centre St Zotique
10 am to 3 pm


Bonjour a tous,
N'oublie pas le hookin cette Samedi, le 12 Fevrier.  

Georges-Étienne-Cartier, Montréal, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal St Zotique, 
au coin  Saint Ambroise
10 heures a 15 heures


  1. Mondays have always meant laundry day in my family. I thought it was just a Southern thing, but maybe it's more universal.

    My Mom is so set in her ways on this which is something I didn't catch. For me, it's Saturday. Could be that I worked outside the home and Mom stayed home with eight children. And yes, she couldn't always wait until Monday with that many ankle biters.

    With just she and Dad, it's easier. I hooked that pattern for her, but had to transfer it over to linen as the burlap it came on was too scratchy. She loves the rug.



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