This POSTER is a joy to see around these days  . . .my favourite artist is the painter,
Kees Van Dongen [Dutch Fauvist Painter, 1877-1968]

I love the simplicity in the face . . .and the green . . . .
Anyone hooking a face should study this portrait  . . .or any other of his other paintings. . .
the form and the  shapes in the face are all done with colour and value . . .

What I don't get is the  apparently fashionable way an english word is thrown in there to advertise the show . . .
''L'Art et des PEOPLE''   . . .is totally irritating for me . . .
its like the noise chalk sometimes makes on a chalk board . . .every time I read it . . .
In Quebec english words are a NO NO and in France they are fashionable!


  1. ah cheri---c'est la vie--englais ou francaise? I am so enjoying your eyes---getting peeks at what you choose to share---so much aliveness is coming through--there may be a bit of green on my face too!--as I wish I was there with you---votre amie

  2. Good evening! I just stumbled on your blog and love it! I am American, but lived in Quebec Province for 9 yeaars - one in Quebec City, 8 in Montreal. I speak French and worked in jobs where the bilingual skills were critical.

    Several years ago, I had the pure, joyful experience of a month's vacation in Paris, staying with friends near the Eiffel Tour and loved every minute of it!!!

    Your comment about English being a no-no in Quebec is true in many ways, but there was also a lot of bizarre Franglais there as well.

    I worked as a Stewardess for Quebecair Airlines for 2 years, back in the 70's. One day another 'stew' offered me advice for dealing with our supervisor. She warned me, "Watch-toi ben dans les corners, Pat!" (That was evidently a hockey expression.) Another girl had been looking for our back-up supply of soda. She exclaimed, "J'ai meme jumpe dans le belly!"

    And yet these same girls would be outraged if a French passenger referred to "le cockpit" or asked for "un newspaper. Drawing themselves up to their full height they would give the passenger a haughty reproach, "Ce n'est past le cockpit, C'est la cabine de pilotage". "Ce n'est pas un newspaper, c'est un journal!"

  3. I forgot to mention that I am a rug hooker, that is how I came to your site. I was curious about Rug Hooking Daily. Is it open to anyone who is into rug hooking or does it require special credentials. I filled out an application yesterday, but have not heard back from anyone. Thank, Pat


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