I posted this rug earlier but that was before it was finished and now it is hanging on a wall looking  wonderful!We tacked it to  artists  stretches for  canvas painting and it worked out perfectly . . .I used to make my own canvas so had done this many times . . .only difference was the stretchy qualities of a rug but  with patience it worked out well.Of course its a matter of personal taste but I myself do not like a wooden frame on a rug for the wall . . . .it is  a rug after all and not a painting . . . .the texture is different . . .so for me it needs to be displayed on its own . . .the frame is  just hooked . . .
Lots of thumb tacks are needed  . . .start from the centre of each side to place the tacks working out to the corners . . .mitre them . . .making sure the rug is evenly stretched. . . We then  used fabric glue to put a binding tape all along the edges  . . .seen here being glued on . . .and there it is   . . .easy as can be. . . . .


  1. Absolutely gorgeous...Yes, they do look great on walls without frames, but I do like them in frames as well...good job

  2. Count me in on the not-a-fan-of-hooked-things club. But I love what you did with this one and it is a perfect way to get it off the wall and nice and straight. Thanks for sharing.


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