'' EVERGLADE '' by Sharon Townsend

Here is an UNEVEN SHAPED BORDER EDGE   with what looks like a ''SHOW BINDING'' designed by Sharon in a class I taught at Shelburne Rug Workshops.
Sharon arrived in class with an old scroll pattern  . . .but . . . . 
she wanted to hook a flamingo!
Voila the terrific result!
Great Background!

This mat appears in the Reader's Gallery -''Life Stories'' that Anne Marie Littenberg wrote about Sharon for RHM
 -the Jan/Feb 2001 issue . .
great article -you should read it!


  1. Thank you for posting all these different finishing options. I'm a new hooker and have a growing stack of projects that need finished edges. Do you have an opinion on or experience with crocheting the edges with strips of wool? I just found that on the internet last week and am curious how many use that technique and how it might wear. Best wishes, Martie

  2. Hello Martie!There are many other ways to finish rugs -these last few were just the ones with a ''SHOW BINDING'' I am not famuliar with the crochet edging although I have seen it . . .For me it is not a strong enough finish for a floor rug and I dont like the look of it . . .I have had other blogs in the past for other finishes . . .I am not sure where they are though!
    Thanks for your message and comments , Judith

  3. Thanks for your reply, Judith. I appreciate the opportunity to learn here on your blog. I'll see if I can find your older posts on finishing. Cheers, Martie


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