With A MAT
Such an inviting room!For ages I have wanted to hook a bathroom rug . . .but what fibres to use? What backing?Cotton,Linen,or something that wouldn't hurt getting wet . .maybe Varel?with nylons hooked?.. .Wendy suggests  polar fleece in comments  . . .good idea . . .
Here I see a little hooked mat . . .
maybe I should just hook it . . .. .  .
.meanwhile. . . down to the wharf to get fresh haddock. . . . then back to the kitchen  . . .visitors arriving. . .no hooking for me today . . . .only cooking.


  1. Hi Judith - I did a bathmat from polar fleece on monk's cloth, so that it could be washed if necessary. It's so cushy under foot and what starts as incredibly ugly blankets, etc, just turns into beautiful texture. Thought I'd share.

  2. Great idea Wendy!!I will try it in sept thanks for sharing!!Hope your summer is good!


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