I am supposed to be doing FALL CLEARING OUT these days . . .yes I prefer it in SEPT than to Spring as for me  FALL is  the start of all things NEW . . .

So while dusting off some of my BOTTLE CAP ART collection . . .and the thought of the big RECYCLING SHOW of HANDICRAFTS coming up in a few months in Montreal . . .
and the wonderful gift from my cousin Nibby H of 5 000 bottle caps he collected for me . . . .

I am into studying what I can do with them . . . .
and I came across this  wondrous  Bottle-cap FISH art all made with recycled materials . . . made by John UNGER . . . .so very neat all these caps lined up . . .

reminds me of hooked loops all so neat . . .
all  measured and lined up perfectly against one another . . .
To SOME  folks this is a great achievement . .
- the neatness  . .
- the evenness . .
.- the perfection of it all . . .it is exciting to look at all the neat organization . ..
It is so hard to be such perfection  that it must mean the work is incredibly good work  right?

Never mind the colour ,composition,excitement of design . . .texture. . . .personal creativeness of the rug . . .

Therefore ,sorry, but I beg to differ . . .

. . .many rug hookers think that this is what they are to do to reach the level of a good  and perfect hooked rug!. .. . . leaving all others that do not have these neat machine made looking loops in all their rugs to feel they  have failed  . . .

Some folks prefer the TEXTURAL LOOK of  a Lumpy UNEVENESS LOOK in a Rug.

That is what makes your rug  SPECIAL . . . There is absolutely no ONE  WAY or the OTHER  . . 

REMEMBER it is a totally PERSONAL CHOICE of what you LIKE that should guide you in your choice of hooked loops look!!!
Its a matter of  PERSONAL TASTES ONLY .
There are no ''RULES'' set by  a gang of ''WHAT THEY''  say loops should be!!!

My own Bottle Cap Fish would NEVER be as organized or neat as this one here pictured . . . .Although I love this one above and I might try - in the end it would look very different . . . .
more like ''ME''
and '' Vive La Difference'' If we all made things the same  . . .how dull  and boring . . .

So as I told someone yesterday who was stuck with deciding . . .



  1. Love this bottle-cap fish!! He would look great at our lake place!! And I love your advice that it's your rug ~ do what you like! Some feel they have to please their teacher or someone whose hooking they admire ~ I agree with "please yourself"!!

  2. Thanks Alice for your comment! Lewt me know if you make one-start collecting!
    HEavens if you try to please everyone who looks at your rug you would be really confused!- NEVER NEVER feel you have to PLEASE A TEACHER!!!They may have good input -but always decide what is best for YOU ! A teacher who is threatened by this is just someone who has ''judged ''your rug with her own PERSONAL intellectual tastes likes and preferences!
    ALways listen-but decide for yourself!

  3. Mevlana Jeladdin Rumi 1207-1273
    Let the beauty we love be what we do
    This is a philosophy I contemplate! I personally love spontaneous natural flaws and also the exquisite sacred thread woven into Navaho rugs and other deliberate flaws made in some textile traditions ..

  4. Thanks for your comment Lin!
    yes natural flaws are ''good LUCK'' in many cultures !

  5. Thanks for that reminder. We often do get hard on ourselves while doing things that are supposed to be fun, don't we.

  6. Thanks Judith for the reminder. I have found myself lately looking at everyone else's rugs, cross stitch, quilts - you name it and feeling like mine are somehow inferior and that I should just stop crafting because I'll never be that good or that creative or, or, or... Thanks so much for posting this!

    Have a great day

  7. Ma chère amie Judith,

    Je vais sur ton blog régulièrement.

    Mes félicitations pour celui d'hier. J'ai bien apprécié.

  8. Which is why I chose YOU are my teacher, Judith. Because My rugs will never look like anyone elses (and I don't want them too)

    Plus you know how I feel about things that look too "Neat and Straight" on a rug....

    See you soon, Dawn

  9. Oui Oui Madame! Look at Nature---never repeats exactly--always some small (exciting) difference from one snowflake to the next eh? So it is with each of us--and how booooooring to copy. Confidence comes from encouragement like yours Judith--Merci


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