GOOD and or BAD


Nice section here of depth.My picture was taken without the flash,this piece was more in real life . . . . like velvet in texture.
''It is both good and bad'' as Mariah says . . . .
Could this be Natalie Portman?. . . . . . . . . . .


  1. I just did a bit of a read backwards on your blog and am in synch with all your comments!!! (Even your favourites were my favourites too.)

    I feel very strongly that freedom of speech on your own blog is a fundamental right! People don't have to agree with you - they don't even have to visit. But if they do, they had better be ready for what you have to show - and say.

    At least your name is on all of your comments.

  2. that piece took my breath away at Shelburne ... I was unable to visualize it up close, so thanks for your detail picture. Question, were the long, strands hooked over [on top of]the others, or does it just look that way?

    Fabulous show of creativity this year ... as always.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. SPELLING Corrected here now!
    Thanks for your comments Wendie and Linda!
    yes FREEDOM of SPEECH is important and should - on ones own blog
    -be practised . .after all ,
    what else can one speak or
    write about if not ones own thoughts! . . .
    yes I agree-dont read my blog if you find it offensive !
    Frankly I think I was commented on by an INTERNET TROLL

    No, I think Linda that the strands were hooked right into the rug .
    . .what is interesting is that they appear so raised!
    the CONTRAST of values used is what made the special effect . ..

  5. This piece is past incredible!
    Never know what you will see here.
    Love the blog.


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