Yesterday on returning from the Green Mountain Guild  RUG HOOKING meeting I got the devastating news that the worlds BEST and
had collapsed and died  after finishing his round of jumps  at a Horse show in Italy with Eric Lamaze ,our Canadian Olympics  2 gold winner . . .still on his back as they left the stadium . . . .

This was a majic  pair of Horse and Man .
The Little Stallion - and CANADAS CHAMPION

For me personally , most of my rug hooking friends do not know , that before  hooking I was a horse rider  . . .  . .Eric was a  young man of 14 -16.
I took under my wing at the horse shows  my daughter competed at  around Quebec and Ontario  . . .drove him down the 401 to TORONTO many times. .
I pressed his jackets and steamed his hats and made him look super to enter the ring . . .
He was a genius rider at that age . . .I knew, as everyone else did ,that he was  Olympic  bound one day!
Then he found his true partner  the DUTCH bred Hickstead. . . .
For me to see them win the 2 GOLD medals  in 2008 was a real kleenex box afternoon of joy, just as it was yesterday in sadness  . . .

My heart goes out to you Eric and may Hickstead rip
 He was loved -the world  over .  ..

Erics words
We finished our round, I circled and was leaving the ring, and he collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack”.  We had him until he was 15, and we had a great time together. He was the best horse in the world. We are all devastated.”


  1. Judith, I check on your site every day, as you have many interesting things to offer about so many subjects. How you so beautifully and touchingly have written here about horse and rider was very moving to me, and I am not even an equestrian. Clearly you are a person who enriches the lives of her friends as well as those who read your blog. Wish I were your neighbor!


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