This here  traditional FRUIT.. . . was voted as one of the  peoples (viewers) choice!!!
WHY?  I ask . . . .maybe because it is so obvious and real looking . . .''must have taken so long to hook'' It is SAFE . . . .

please comment if you feel like it  as maybe I am missing something!

because . . .
for me  the fruit is rigid ,stiff, and just doesn't speak to me  . . its boring  . . .
Not my cup of TEA!! . . .but . . . .

This little mat (maybe 8X10'') by ANN MARIE Littenberg was one of my very favourites!
Because it  has a whole  story about it . . .its INTERESTING . . .
makes me think of all kinds of things and it is so very COMFORTING on a COLD NOVEMBER DAY!  . . . .OREOS . . . .
Nice composition also . . .Ann MARIE!!


  1. How do you think that the artist who hooked the first rug feels after your comments?

  2. It's so fun to see other people's pictures from the show. I'm seeing so many rugs that I would swear were not on display - I have abolutely no recollection of seeing them. I definitely remember seeing AML's cup and cookies....but no go on the circular fruit. Might this just prove your point.... ?? :-)

  3. ??? I totally agree with you about the fruit. It is beautifully done and I have nothing against fruit....but there were so many dynamic pieces at the show and I would have thought the crowd would have chosen something a little edgier...Just my thoughts.

  4. Hopefully, she will never see it.

  5. That being said, I admire you for putting your honest opinion out there. Different strokes.......

  6. MM - I think everyone has the right to like or find boring what they wish . . .this is my blog and I feel I can talk about something that many people think and dont say . . .
    It is GOOD and IMPOSSIBLE- to not always love every single rug that one sees.

    Many wonderful rugs at the show were not appreciated with ribbons –like the fruit rug was !!!!

    The person who hooked this fruit rug should be happy they got voted a ‘’peoples choice’’ That means many many people at the show loved their rug!!Isnt that enough?
    I don’t think what I have to say would or should matter to them in the least!!!

  7. While I too believe everyone has the the right to an opinion about a rug, to publish disparaging remarks about someone elses work in the show is uncalled for. I'm especially surprized to hear negative comments from teachers.
    Wow, these statements/opinions are the antithesis of my understanding of what the Green Mountain Rug Show was striving to promote!

  8. Anonymous- who ever you are- you are making a mountain out of a mole hill . . .

  9. I remarked to Judith that I was surprised to see so many "copies" or bought patterns in the show. That doesn't mean that I am putting down the people who hooked the rugs, only that MY impression was that a show such as Green Mountain was showcasing Rugs as Art. I don't see copies of one artists rug patterns as things that should be showcased. My own taste was Not in line with the fruit rug - I too found it rather passe. That being said, I also understand that there is room for Lots of styles in any given show. Judith - regardless of her being a teacher - has the right to her opinion. This is not the style she teaches or encourages in her students.


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