Well  . .I have to accept that I have finished with  hand quilting  . . .especially on a standing quilt frame . . Trying to stitch in all directions is  for me a thing of the past . . .. 
I don't have the patience anymore and I'd rather be hooking ... so heres my rug mug of yesterday.

When I first started to hook ,it seems there were ''RULES'' out there and one was that to hook properly one had to be able to hook in all directions without turning the hoop or frame that your backing was stretched over . . . .
I never did  hear  a logical reason why this was so . . . . I  do think if you are using a Cheticamp floor frame ,
it would be necessary to be able to hook in all directions!. . ..  as the large frame can not be turned -just as the quilting frame yesterday . . . .

Maybe thats where this RULE  was made -years ago when folks hooked all together sitting around a large floor frame ?


  1. Yeah to breaking the rules! I love my frame which turns so that I can always hook towards myself. What a cute mug rug. It inspires me to hook a few scrappy ones myself. I must learn the technique to the edging you've created. I believe we have a mutual friend in Loretta.

  2. Donna . . .the edge is easy . .its called checker board hooking and can be used anywhere . . .you hook with 2 strips at the same time making sure they are smooth and flat underneath side . .. . one loop one colour and the next loop the 2nd colour . . . .the strips sortt of weave in and out . ..
    Yes ! I know Loretta and her friend Linda H!I follow Lorettas blog so Ive heard her mention you before!
    Hook on !


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