100 YEARS
I have just returned from this amazing event!!!

My beautiful aunt Gwendolyn's BIRTHDAY!

-yes 100th!!
Not one person asked her what her secret was to living so long!

It is so obvious in her eyes!
She is so very dearly much LOVED!

Just as OREO COOKIES are . . .
they also have survived so long to celebrate  100 years!
as we did last weekend . . .. . . . . . . . ..
Now last night ,I realized  though why a BLUE LOBSTER SURVIVES for much longer than a dark green one . . . .they are so BEAUTIFUL  and rare ,that we just
want to stare at them . . .forever . . . . . . 


  1. Hi Judith, how wonderful to have such a nice aunt who is celebrating her 100 th birthday. I assume that it's you who is beside her in this picture. She IS BEAUTIFUL and so are you.

    Hooray for the Oreo cookies being 100 years old too. JB


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