Not only can you mix in different fibres like cotton and wool strips ,as in photos here . . .but you can also get different widths of your fabrics depending on how they roll or fold up as you hook them!I love the messy textural look here!
This makes me think that one of the reasons rug hookers go for the more expensive  100% wool for their rugs, might be that one can get a very neat array of loops one after the other. . . . .which if this is the ''LOOK'' one likes then this is a good thing!

I feel it is better to hook a rug in a messy creative way than to NOT HOOK AT ALL! 
There is a place for every type of hooked piece . . .
but   . .. 
Just dont enter into a competition where technique and machine  look neatness is the end result!!
Some call these mixed media rugs  hooked ''RAG RUGS'' . . .
Best examples are Kaffe Fassett's rag rugs . .magnificent in colour and design and TOTALLY exciting to look at . . .although not everyones ''cup of tea'' neatness wise!!!

Here above is a hooked result of mixed media rug hooking . . .
from the trip to Guatemala!
ITs beautiful!Happy and colourful!
BRAVO!to my friend Ann who hooked it!
(Watch for a future posting of exciting end result!)



  1. i love your way of hooking, judith, and i could not agree more. be creative and see what happens!

  2. I really like the feel of this - the texture appeals to me immensely.

  3. Thanks KAren for your comments! I always love to hear what you think!and I am also a big fan of NEUTRALS! believe it or not . . .but here I am trying to show new hookers what the possibilities are even if they are not living near a hooking supply store. . .and that the possibilities are endless!Thats what is so exciting about rug hooking!

  4. Way to go Ann! Cannot wait to see your coffee can footstool when it's finished. Yes, Judith, seeing these Guatemalan rugs in person and working with the wonderful ladies who make them can open up a world of possibilities in rug hooking that we've never thought possible before. It's all good!

  5. SANDI! YOU must have been on the trip!You Lucky girl! The foot stool is in the making at this very moment!PATTERN to come one day! and Thanks Dawn and Alice for your comments . . .I always love to feel and know I am not talking to the WIND!

  6. Yes! I totally agree that rug hooking is creative and is just painting with fiber. Who says rug hooking has to be made using only wool-there are many different possibilities using mixed fibers. I love the colors and style.


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