I have always loved the colours and  shapes of fields from the window of an airplane as it takes off from an airport-especially in Europe where the size and shapes of the fields are so different from those here in Quebec (long, long , and straight as can be for miles and miles!! )
I can't imagine seeing all this colour from the window!
Fields  or . . . .
a patchwork quilt of TULIPS in SPRINGTIME!!in Holland . . . . . .spectacular!


  1. Aren't those arial photos of tulips blooming in Holland spectacular. I can only imagine what it would be like to see them up close too. Such beautiful colors. I planted lots of tulips a couple of years ago but this is LOTS in comparison.

    I finally got my copy of Rug Hooking magazine yesterday and just started reading the articles about you and Jennifer Manuelle.
    Congratulations on being in Rug Hooking magazine, it's always nice reading about people whose blogs I follow


  2. HA ! saw this pic in "Fish eye rugs"sidebar and hád to react: because I live in Holland !!!
    And we love it ourselves too ;-))


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