Here we have a wonderful ''CATS PAWS'' pattern   with a title I just don't get . . . maybe I  photographed the wrong card?Ill have to check tomorrow .. . . . .must be a ''You had to be there moment'' . . .. whatever  . . .nice rug Mary Hulette!


  1. Great rug I think it means she had lots of wool worms left over and she is using them up.

  2. It makes sense to me. The rug is made out of strips, probably leftover strips, which some people call "worms." The worms are in rounds, so they could be thought of as turning. A play on the soap opera title "As the World Turns."

    Just a thought. Like your site--I enjoy your pictures. KM

  3. As the worm turns; she probably hooked it with her leftover strips from the scrap bag. Lots of folks call them worms. ;-)

  4. OK but of course-I am a bit S L O W !!!CAll them strips here . . . .I forgot they are also worms in some places!THANKS for reminding me . . . .its a great rug any way one calls it!!! Sorry I did not meet you Donna at the show!

    1. I know, Judith! How come we missed each other? I wish we had been able to get together.

      Well, certainly next time, then? I love your work!


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