There are many ways to sew on a binding . .in Nova Scotia many start their rug by sewing the black binding on with a  Sewing MAchine!!!

Having repaired many old rugs started this way- I  myself would not ever start with the binding  . . . .I carefully sew  it on BY HAND!!! . ..Always . . .

 @ a CORNER . . .
(you will find out why at the end)

Take small stitches right up in the loops to get  the tape sewn right up close to the loops and therefore no backing will show when you are done!

Ease your tape a little  as you sew Sew around the corners-making  the finishing of  mitres simpler . . .

There are many ways  to do all this-
I am just showing my own version  . . I want  an old fashioned look for this last rug . . .so just a simple  tape turned under is perfect  this time!