These days I am into knitting summer things -
I realize it's taking far tooooo much of my time . . . 
its hard to blog and  be frustrated  at the same time!!
I say this because I seem to be having major machinery problems with all my knitting and sewing machines . . .
hopefully things will settle down . . .. 
For fun I googled or pinterested  knitting machine knits and was surprised to see such fuddy duddy old patterns  in most images . . .
This is  not  what is happening in the knit world these days . .. .
Above is a nice image  titled ''BARK'' which I like  very much . . .saw it on interest I think . . . . .Knitting with colour is very fun  to do . . . .now if I can stop breaking needles,and remember how to operate the computer on my machine   . . . .. maybe I just might get  somewhere today . .. .