LUPIN TIME hooked 

NOT easy to hook with all those tiny flowers but here they are sort of ROVING  done and it seems to work well . . . great job!I would like to see the finished  mat!

I imagine there are many ways to hook these special flowers
One of the things  I really love about lupins are the shape of their leaves . . .drawn here in a very simple  stylized manner and hooked in a 3 value sort of way.
I have noticed today that this posting  of  hooked lupins is a featured blog on Rug Hooking daily!  Thank you Heidi!
I must note here that I did not hook this mat and I have no IDEA where I saw it - I just love LUPINS!!

If you read  my post and it is your work  PLEASE comment here !!
I certainly would love to know you and give you credit !


  1. Its funny - I was eye balling the lupines as I drove through Vermont yesterday. The roving give a perfect Lupine 3D shape.

  2. I love this. You did a great job Judith. You make it look so easy. JB

  3. Yes Dawn the roving is great! I never use it myself but liked the effect here . . . .Julia I don't know who hooked these lupin ! I did not . .I am just an enthusiastic fan!

  4. c'est superbe...mais comment faites vous cela??
    trop beau!!!


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