DYEING an OLD BLACK/PURPLE for rug repair job

Here are the dye results for my
nice but not a match yet. . .. . . it is difficult to get that old colour
even harder is to take a photo and put it here online and have the true colour . . . .
I need help in that dept. . . .
for 1/2 yard Natural and all Majic Carpet dyes . . . .
1/4 teas Black
1/8 teas Blue
1/4 teas Blue-Violet
1/8 Red -Violet(old one)
1/8 Bottle Green
+1cbw -all solution in pot-you can stir or blotch it for different values


  1. Hi Judith, I can't wait to have the right colour. I know that you will get it eventually. thank-you for all of your effort!!!

  2. Your effort is greatly appreciated. I know you will be doing a great job in dyeing your rugs.


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