Here is  a close up of one of Doris Eatons beautiful rugs,

Doris  lives in Nova Scotia and is referred to as the Grand Dame of NS rug hookers and is well deserving of such title!
I believe  Doris paints with water colours  . . . which perhaps is  part of her inspiration!
I love the abstract feeling with the stylized  bright RED TRILLIUM!


  1. This is a spectacular rug....now I must google her and see if she has any other paintings or rugs on-line!

  2. Tammy-I am not sure if she does online but I will post a few more as they are truly original and spectacular!!!She had a show here in Montreal a couple of years ago and I was lucky enough to see it!I do hook with Doris iin the summers though when I can get over her way for hookins!He r house is full of her work . . .and she has sold many many rugs.Doris was one of the founding members of the Nova Scotia rug Hooking guild . . .and an incrediblely amazing and wonderful woman!

  3. Doris taught me how to hook in 1978...and changed my life! Wonderful person who does beautiful work!


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