With SPRING in the air and the delightful smells of mud as the sun warms the earth, my thoughts are  towards going for a horseback ride through the fields with the wind in my hair.
I had at one time 7 horses when I lived on the farm and not in the city . . .
how I sometimes miss them  .  . . today is one of those times . . . .
but  . . . look at the BACKGROUNDS in these OLD ANTIQUE RUGS-how very beautiful and INSPIRING I find them the more I look . . ..out-lines for CONTRAST- here and there . .  .   straight directional hooking lines or wavy wherever lines of all values . . . . . the happy couples are  each off to - I wonder what will it be land?or maybe 'Happy Ever After Land'?


  1. Hello Judith...Nice to meet you and your Fantastic RUG HOOKING blog...this is something I've never done and have always thought I would like to.
    Have done just about everything else but never hooking...Your work is spectacular and as I was reading through previous posts your working on a project for a May 7th birthday.....Mine is May 7th too...I had to laugh!..

    You have inspired me to consider this craft once again...I just need to figure out where to fit it in...Keep up the good work and I'd love to follow and keep an eye on your progress!

    God Bless,
    xoxo~Kathy @Sweet Up-North Mornings...

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  3. Kathy! Hello to You also! What a NICE comment you have left for me after a very difficult day!It cheers the heart-thats so strange-I looked at YOUR BLOG this morning and loved it also!I think I clicked follow it! YES my little grandaughter turns 2 on 7th MAY -your birthday also !!!!. . . .I will remember that! I am now in a great rush to get it done!
    If you need ANY Help at all please join me on skype for a look at all our class . .
    jude-dalle is my skype name
    .they will get you enthusastic again !I had a quilter come last week . . .wanted just to LOOK and left a HOOKER!!Thanks for your comment . .
    I had to reove the above because of spelling mistake . . . .


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