I was a bit stunned to see rows of  ''THIS YEARS Fashionable COLOURS'' for ornaments  lined on the walls of the practical store I went to  . . . .
Such ugly boring  dullness NEUTRAL colours  for CHRISTMAS?
I decided to get out of there fast . .. and head over to the  GREEN  organic store and get something useful if its to be green . . . .neutral . . .. AND natural . . . 
I suppose some folks would call me boring . . .but really . . .BROWN for christmas?. ...if you 're going to do it . . .go all the way!!!
RED and Green  and homemade ornaments . . .berries  . . .cookies . . etc for our tree . . .which we will go to the woods to cut I hope . . . .


  1. I do agree Judith,
    Doesn't seem very festive to me! Got to have at least a LITTLE Red for Christmas don't you think? Good job at getting out of the boring store so fast! I would have done the same!
    Happy Home made Christmas!
    Cathy G


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