Last 2 days to see this show !!JPG= Jean Paul Gaultier
35 years of creative inspiration !!
go to a museum this weekend -wherever you are . . .
look everywhere you can and get inspired . .
if you cant get out then look at a book . .of any artists work . . . or
one of the books  Amy Oxford made of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Shows at the round barn in Shelburne Vermont . . .
get out those rugs and enter them in an exhibition . . .
let everyone see and share your work and get inspired . . .
relax about that old copyright thing . . .anyone who gets inspired from your work will do something totally different because they aren't you!!!

oh yes  . . . . .that old copyright thing . . ..I forgot ,
its really about money isnt it .  .
so be careful . . .always give the original designers name and . . . .if in doubt send them the money $$$$  for the pattern that inspired you!

Fashion designers often get inspired from everyday folks right on the sidewalk  . . . . . . and look at what JPG came up with . . . .
and here he is in a museum!!!


  1. Hi Judith,
    I really enjoyed the exhibition of Jean-Paul Gaultier last Friday!
    There was a long line of people outside the building when I left.
    It was enjoyable to see those fashionable people visiting the museum as well.


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