This week has been a bummer  . . .knowing that  season 2 has finished  . . .and I will miss this marvellous lady!
She reminds me of my grandmother  . . . .how I miss her wisdom and sense of humour!!!
Now if  MAD MEN would just get going again  . ..everything would be ok for hooking time . . . . .


  1. I know what you mean - I'm missing it already, especially since the last 2 weeks we've been spoiled with two hour episodes. Dame Maggie Smith is the BEST!
    I wonder what season 3 will bring....:-)

  2. JEN! I am in total withdrawl . . ..
    last Sunday's Season 2 finale (spoilers ahead):
    Will the wedding come off without a hitch?
    Will the injured war veteran who survived the Titanic come back to challenge the succession?
    Will Bates's conviction be overturned?
    Will Thomas survive as Lord Grantham's valet?
    We have to wait until NEXT YEAR!!! in North America. . ..for SEASON 3!

  3. I've only just discovered how amazing this show is! I'm three episodes in so far. Can't get enough! And agreed - come on, Madmen!

  4. HI there cousin Caroline! You will love it all!! and Ill see you in Nova Scotia in 2 weeks!! THANKS for stopping by here!


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